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Scene: Black Goo Swamp

Scene: Black Goo Swamp

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Endless black goo writhes around, as if it were alive; a helpless small animal trapped within, enveloped layer by layer by the ultra-sticky goo, unable to struggle free.

This is an extremely sticky combination, where you can distinctly feel the stickiness and resistance, with no way to escape the enveloping sensation! If you enjoy attributes like "venom," "sticky bondage," or "bottomless swamp," you must try this at least once in your lifetime!

Suitable for: Home/Hotel, spaces with a bathtub.

30L Bundle: 3x Inst-Sticky + 2x Inst-Stringy + free dye 50USD
100L Bundle: 10x Inst-Sticky + 7x Inst-Stringy + free dye 150USD


  • We use cosmetic grade materials, DO NOT EAT.
  • Wet and slippery conditions have the potential to wrestle, BE CAREFUL.
  • If dyes are used, there is a possibility of contamination of clothing.
  • To avoid scald, do not use boil water to prepare slime. Choose comfortable temperature
  • Dust is easy to fly, please be gentle when pouring, it is recommended to wear a mask to avoid inhalation.
  • Please use the accurate amount of water as possible. If there is no tool for the measure, please add water from a small amount then add more.
  • DO NOT use slime to replace clean water, it will cause agglomerate.
  • Use it at one time after opening the package. If you want to prepare it in different batches, please keep the powder in an airtight container such as a vacuum bag to avoid moisture.
  • The prepared slime needs to be used up at one time, please do not keep it overnight to avoid hygiene concerns.


  • A space where you can play water (bathroom, inflatable pool, or a water resistant space)
  • Plastic measuring bucket (or whatever you can estimate the amount of water in 5-10 liters)
  • A bucket for Slime (larger than 15 liters)
  • Towel (clean your face in the game, prevent slipping)
  • soap
  • bath sponge
  • Optional: brush

Guide for making slime

  • Follow Inst-Sticky & Inst-Stringy guidance
  • Mix them in the bath tube and enjoy!

Concentration/Temperature Adjustment

  • want a little lighter/hotter: follow the recipe guide and add hot water after fully thickening to the desired concentration/temperature.

Clean up guidance: cleaning



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