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Inst-Muchi 10L

Inst-Muchi 10L

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Inst-Muchi using food grade material (Xanthan gum, usually used in ice cream) makes slime more body-friendly. We find a new way to make the slimes dissolve fast and easy, without any additives.

Caution: Xanthan gum may contains gluten.


  • We use food grade materials, BUT IT IS NOT FOOD, DO NOT EAT.
  • Wet and slippery conditions have the potential to wrestle, BE CAREFUL.
  • If dyes are used, there is a possibility of contamination of clothing.
  • To avoid scald, do not use boil water to prepare slime.
  • Dust is easy to fly, please be gentle when pouring, it is recommended to wear a mask to avoid inhalation.
  • Please use the accurate amount of water as possible. If there is no tool for the measure, please add water from a small amount then add more.
  • Use it at one time after opening the package. If you want to prepare it in different batches, please keep the powder in an airtight container such as a vacuum bag to avoid moisture.
  • Due to being food-grade material and free from any preservatives, please use it promptly after preparation. If unused, refrigerate can keep within seven days. If already used, please not keeping it to ensure hygiene.


  • A space where you can play water
  • around 10L of drinking water
  • An bucket for 12~15L
  • Hand mixer
  • Towel (clean your face in the game, prevent slipping)
  • soap
  • bath sponge
  • Optional: brush

Guide for making slime

  • Prepare 10L drinking water in the bucket.
  • Using mixer to spin up the water, you can add dye now if you want.
  • keep mixing, Open and pour Inst-Muchi pack into the water
  • The slime is ready to use in 1 minutes.
Clean up guidance: cleaning
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