What is slime?

Wet and slippery, sticky and soft. Adults always say, 'Oh, don't get dirty!' But deep in your heart, the boy still wants to have a good, messy play, right?

Here, we provide a place where you can play without worries, without concern for other's eyes, and without the hassle of cleaning up afterwards.

Our slime come in various types—clear, super sticky, stringy, muddy, cloudy, and in large quantities. No need to worry about sticking to your hair - they're easy to clean. Want to take some slime home? We have a special offer!


Is the StickySlime's slime hard to clean up?

  • Not at all! With shower gel, bath sponge, and
    back scrubbers, Inst-Slime can be cleaned in 5 minutes. Even the
    stickiest Inst-Sticky can be handled within half an hour!
  • Slime
    can be diluted with water and poured into the toilet. For the floor, use
    bath sponge or brush to clean quickly—it only takes a few minutes.
    However, make sure to have all the tools ready; having the right tools
    can make a significant difference in time! For more details, please
    refer here.

It's cold outside. Can I play it hot?

  • When preparing the powder, Use warm water, but make sure it's
    not too hot, stay within the temperature range that the human body
    can tolerate.
  • You can heat water separately and add it to adjust the
    temperature while stirring (this will dilute the mixture).
  • If you prefer
    not to dilute the slime, you can use two pots—a large one for heating
    water and a small one for the slime. Put the slime in the small pot and
    place it in the hot water in the large pot, stirring to transfer the
    heat from the water to the slime. Do not directly heat the slime over a
    flame, as it may burn.

How should I store it if I don't use it all at once?

  • If the powder package is unopened, it can be stored for up to 3 years.
  • If it has been prepared as a liquid and not used, it can be refrigerated
    for up to a week.
  • If there is a foul odor or degradation, do not use.

Is StickySlime's slime eco-friendly?

  • All the materials are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Please feel free to use it.

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