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Inst-Stringy mega pack

Inst-Stringy mega pack

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Buried deep within the cocoon, emerging transformed, turning dreamlike scenes into reality!

Inst-Stringy is an advanced slime with exceptional stringing effects, allowing you to pull out beautiful wings and lace on your body. When used alone, it resembles Japan's slime cocoon, making carrying and mixing easier and more convenient; it's also suitable for mixing with other slimes like Inst-Slime (10L:1L Inst-Stringy or more), enhancing the effects of other slimes!

Inst-Stringy contains mineral oil in its composition, requiring more time and effort for cleaning. It is recommended to first experience Inst-Slime before trying Inst-Stringy.

* you need to prepare baby oil in this mega pack, 300g for 10L, 3L for 100L and so on.


  • We use cosmetic grade materials, DO NOT EAT.
  • Wet and slippery conditions have the potential to wrestle, BE CAREFUL.
  • If dyes are used, there is a possibility of contamination of clothing.
  • To avoid scald, do not use boil water to prepare slime. Choose the comfort temperature
  • Please use the accurate amount of water as possible. If there is no tool for the measure, please add water from a small amount then add more.
  • DO NOT use slime to replace clean water, it will cause agglomerate.
  • Use it at one time after opening the package.
  • The prepared slime needs to be used up at one time, please do not keep it overnight to avoid hygiene concerns.


  • A space where you can play water
  • baby oil (300g for 10L, and so on)
  • Plastic measuring bucket
  • buckets for Slime
  • A hand mixer

Prepare for cleaning

  • Towel (clean your face in the game, prevent slipping)
  • soap
  • bath sponge
  • Optional: brush

Guide for making slime

  • Prepare clean water in a bucket.
  • Open Inst-Stringy powder pack and put into the bucket
  • Pour the baby oil and mix well in the bucket
  • Quickly rinse with clean water and stir. It will be ready to use in about 30 seconds.

Concentration/Temperature Adjustment

  • If you want a little lighter/hotter: follow the recipe guide and add hot water after fully thickening to the desired concentration/temperature.
Clean up guidance: cleaning
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