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Slime Dye for 10L

Slime Dye for 10L

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Make your slime more colorful easily - dissolve the dye in water and then make slime!

Food grade material, not easy to stain(*1), one pack is suitable for 10 liters.

* you can also get your own dye in local food material store.

Mixing different colors can be fun!

  • white + blue = opaque blue
  • White + green = opaque green
  • Blue + Green = Tiffany Blue


  • We have tested that pure cotton clothes will not stain after being soaked for one hour and washed. However, it is still recommended to test on an inconspicuous part of the clothes before use.
  • heavy dye usage will cause stain.
  • Some nylon clothes like swimming suit may get stain in standard thickness
  • We are not responsible for the possible effects.
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